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Fixt Hand Sanitiser was developed to help minimise the use of toxic chemicals on your hands. This is an extremely high quality 'kind on your hands' herbal hand sanitiser. Ideal for the household, barn and your car! Fixt Hand Sanitiser like the rest of ur range, is proving to be multi-purpose and helps with many non specific skin conditions.

This product rapidly sterilises your hands leaving them very clean and feeling soft. Also a fantastic remedy for cuticle issues.

Apply Fixt Hand Sanitiser to all areas of your hands, wait about 30 seconds for it to do it's work, then obeserve how nice your hands feel!



Pure Ethyl Alcohol 70% (not denatured), witch hazel, wild crafted harakeke, thyme, aloe, orgnaic cold pressed macadamia oil, therapeutic cloveand spearmint oil in a hydrophillic gel.

Fixt Hand Sanitiser 250ml

  • Fixt Hand Sanitiser contains pure ethyl alcohol at 70% therefore please keep out of reach of infants.

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