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ABOUT fixt


At Fixt NZ, we are passionate about helping people find relief from pain and discomfort in a natural, holistic way. We understand that many over-the-counter pain medications can have side effects or be addictive, which is why we have made it our mission to create natural products that are both safe and effective.

Our products are crafted using a variety of natural ingredients that have been traditionally used for their pain-relieving properties. From herbs and essential oils to vitamins and minerals, we carefully select each ingredient for its therapeutic benefits.

We offer a range of products designed to help with different types of pain, from muscle aches and joint pain to headaches and menstrual cramps. Whether you are looking for a topical cream to apply directly to sore muscles, a supplement to support joint health, or an aromatherapy blend to help ease tension and stress, we have a product that can help.

At Fixt NZ, we believe that everyone deserves access to natural, safe, and effective pain relief. We are committed to using only the highest-quality ingredients and rigorous testing to ensure that our products meet our high standards of quality and efficacy.

The spicy aroma of fixt products is pleasant.  fixt cream gel can also be used as a steam inhalant to relieve congestion from colds.  fixt cream gel & roll on helps with coughs and can be applied to the throat and chest areas. fixt cream gel, fixt roll on and fixt spray mister are all especially refreshing when applied to tired feet.


We learnt that upon receiving a minor burn or scold when fixt cream gel is applied immediately, it naturally assists in shutting the burn down, eliminating the pain and assisting healing quite miraculously. In fact it is now known that fixt cream gel naturally assists prevention of a blister when applied immediately.

























With such a myriad of products available to consumers, we decided to combine some of the most vibrational, energetic botanicals, (mostly sourced in New Zealand) together, that work synergistically to create what we feel is the most powerful, healing, cleansing multi-purpose natural remedies available. 

We continue to formulate and trial new natural and ethical products to assist in making your lives better!

We will continue to grow our brand bringing you more unique and effective products.

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