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fixt products are a natural multi-remedy range developed due to a popular demand for natural and effective products.

After many years of creating various products for both humans and animals for specific ailments and general well-being, we have formulated a natural, multi-remedy product for people with chronic or acute aches and pains. It is also effective for insect bites and stings causing irritations to the skin. 

Now added is fixt Hand Sanitiser for safer cleansing.

The spicy aroma of fixt products is pleasant.  fixt cream gel can also be used as a steam inhalant to relieve congestion from colds.  fixt cream gel & roll on helps with coughs and can be applied to the throat and chest areas. fixt cream gel & roll on is especially refreshing when applied to tired feet.


We learnt that upon receiving a minor burn or scold when fixt cream gel is applied immediately, it naturally assists in shutting the burn down, eliminating the pain and assisting healing quite miraculously. In fact it is now known that fixt cream gel naturally assists prevention of a blister when applied immediately.  


With such a myriad of products available to consumers, we decided to combine some of the most vibrational, energetic botanicals, (mostly sourced in New Zealand) together, that work synergistically to create what we feel is the most powerful, healing, cleansing multi-purpose natural remedies available. 


Applications for fixt cream gel & roll on:

Muscle pain

Joint pain

Nerve pain

Chronic pain

Acute pain


Sports injuries



Before and after exercise

Before and after Chiropractic treatments

Massage therapy

Insect bites and stings

Itchy skin conditions

Minor burns (fixt cream gel only)

Coughs and colds


  fixt cream gel & roll on is generally more effective with a stronger sensation when applied after a bath or shower. The "buzzy feel" is very soothing and healing.  For some users the sensation is very intense, however rest assured that this remedy is miraculous when applied to minor burns. The sensation is to replace 'pain' and we pride ourselves in creating a product that works! 


Contains organic ingredients, wild crafted Botanicals, Cocoa Butter, Aloe Vera in a Hydrophilic base.


Cats Claw, Clove, Cinnamon, Spearmint, Juniper Berry, Cayenne, Harakeke, Puketea.

Applications for fixt Hand Sanitiser:

Prevention of germ transmision

Cleanse hands thoroughly

Sooth and nurture dry hands

Remedy minor abrasions, cuts and nail/cuticle infection


Contains organic ingredients, wild crafted botanicals, cold pressed organic Macadamia Oil, Aloe in hydrophilic gel.


Harakeke, Thyme, Therapeutic Clove, Spearmint, Witch hazel, pure Ethyl Alcohol (not denatured)

Holding Hands